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Hello there!
I’ve been gone for a while after promising not to be absent again the last time due to some situations I had no control over.  Hope your week was off to a great start? The title of this post might seem a little weird but IF YOU’RE READING THIS, YOU’RE  PROBABLY TIRED OF SEARCHING.
The importance of a good bra, in the life of a woman, cannot be over emphasized and growing up, I’ve come to learn this. I went on a hunt for a really good bra because I felt it was high time after a really funny experience I had and TBH I just wasn’t feeling whatever I owned anymore and Sshhh Lingerie came through for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be spilling the tea on this long-awaited experience of mine. Now I’m answering your questions and telling you all you need to know.

Sshhh Lingerie is located in Lagos Nigeria and I must say that I’ve never really valued or been a huge fan of underwear shopping till I came across this store.  I just have to mention that not only do they stock amazing lingerie but they also stock: swimwear, bridal undergarments, massage oils, candles, underwear scents, sleepwear….. and so much more. 
If you’re a female searching for any form of intimacy or sensuality, then Sshhh Lingerie is your one stop store. (The pictorials for this post are not as perfect as I would’ve wanted them, but I’ll treat this and you’ll learn from my mistake and why this happened in my next post).
On getting to the store I met a really nice and polite attendant Wunmi, who welcomed me and made me feel at home almost immediately. I was really impressed because here in Nigeria customer service sometimes is terrible and not only was she really sweet. She offered me a glass of champagne and yes! Going for a Sshhh experience means a free glass of champagne! And there was candy too!
Now the ambiance of the store was soft and sensual and would set you in a really good mood to shop away. 
I also had my first bra consultation and realized that I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size all along. Joy was really patient and took me through the whole process while explaining all I had to know that I had no clue about when it came to bras. Good News (BRA consultations for this month is free for all SShhh customers).
Here are a few tips, you’ll have to find out the rest at the store *wink*
·       When testing a bra to be bought, try out the bra on the first hook and not the last that way you get to go in as the bra gets looser and older.
·       Ensure that the mid of the cups lays flat on your chest.
·       Get to know your sister sizes (that way bra shopping is more hassle free). A sister size is a bandwidth up and a cup down.
·       Always make sure they’re no breast tissues coming out from the sides and under the cups.

After the consultation I got to snoop around the store and I found a really nice bra from Bluebella London which I unboxed on my Instagram (if you’re not following me you probably missed it *sigh*).
Customer Service: 10/10
Stock: 9.5/10
Professionalism: 10/10 
Did I mention that they also stock African brands and I fell in love even more when I realized this. 

They also stock brands like Bluebella, Mimi Holiday, BFYNE swimwear, BELOVED, etc. 
If you’ve been searching for the perfect nude for darker skin tones, they have you covered.
 They also have a variety of bra types from stick on to strapless an many more. 
Guys! they stock A-Kcups and also have the prettiest and most stylish sleep wear range I’ve seen here in Nigeria. When I say stylish I mean throw on heels and you’re good to go kinda stylish. Yes! Who doesn’t fancy having the best of both worlds?
Would I go back again? YES. Although I would say some of the ranges are a bit pricey but I believe a really good bra is an investment that is worth making. I probably talked the most about my bra in this post but I had such a good experience with mine and I just had to share because I really wanted to share my new discovery with you and I believe you deserve such a lovely treat too.
If you ever stop by this amazing store, please tag me on your purchases I need to see what goodies you got because I honestly wanted all of it but this Nigerian economy and student life wouldn’t give you such opportunities.          
Shop Online - HERE
InstagramSshhh Lingerie

Have you been to any Lingerie stores before? Where are they located? What was your experience? Please let me know below I’m curious to know.
Have an amazing weekend,
With Spice

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  1. They have darker nude tones bras, yessss. Going to check out their website now, in desperate need of a bra that's nude is actually my skin-tone nude.