Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Hello there, 
Happy New Month. It's already the third month in 2016 and boy! 2016 is moving so fast. If you follow me on snapchat (@valerieegbuniwe) you totally should. Sometimes I do have few talks depending on what kinda inspiration I'm feeling. I've talked a few times on this topic and sometimes I feel someone out there might need to hear a word or a sentence to encourage them and here is one for this month.

  Perseverance is being steadfast and pressing towards achieving something no matter how not forthcoming the results are. Today's case study would be Leornado Dicaprio

Leo finally won an Oscar(YES!!!!). Best Actor category for The Revenant and everyone was excited and so glad for him. This got me thinking, I said to myself although Leo was an amazing actor that there was something more to pick from his long awaited win. Then the word came PERSEVERANCE.
 Leo was nominated five times, I'm not really into keeping up with movies, but I adored his work. From Titanic,Wolf of Wall Street,Great Gatsby etc. I personally came to the conclusion that Leo finally won this Oscar because of how he kept pressing on, he kept playing his roles really well and cleverly depicting whatever  character he was asked to portray in each movie and at the end he finally got rewarded.

  As long as you're putting in effort in something, no matter how little it may be someday it's all gonna pay off. Never give up, keep pressing on, keep trying to be your best, keep doing you and at the end you'll be rewarded amazingly. Don't stop that small business because it's not booming yet or stop putting effort in that class because you keep failing tests. That small business would someday become a boomin business and you might fail those test but still ace the exams and pass that class.

           " Don't Forget To Keep Pressing On No Matter The Odds"

Once again, Happy New Month, I'll say that this is the lesson I learnt in February. What did you learn from February feel free to share. I attached the othe pictures because I really liked them. Do check out the photographer.

With Love

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