Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello there, 
I've been gone for a while and you probably lost track of what's been up with me. I promise to do a Life Update post soon and tell you all about it. It's the weekend and what better time to read reviews and know the worth of brands before you shop?
 The current situation of the economy in Nigeria has been really alarming especially as our currency keeps loosing its value as the day goes by. Being a student has its limitations on your style and with the current situation it's even more difficult to get the things that you really crave except you're thrifting or you have a lotion resources available . The hashtag "Buy Nigerian To Grow The Naira" couldn't have come up at a better time. JUMIA is an online shopping mall based here in Nigeria and they really do have amazing stuff. Right now if I want to buy something and not worry about exchange rate or delivery rates and also have affordable clothing and other materials, then JUMIA NIGERIA is one place to go. This is my first review and I plan on doing more soon.

In my recent hall, I purchased the following;
1. PRINT WHITE TEE: This is a staple wardrobe piece and I believe everyone needs one and I really loved this one I picked from s brand named CREA. The roaring animal on the shirt makes me love it the more, can't wait to style it.

2. POLKA DOT DENIM PANTS: I personally do not own a lot of jeans, whenever I say this I've had people ask me so what do you wear. Honestly I thought the same myself and I thought to get one and this polka dot piece is quite different from the usual ones I've come across and I did lust printed denim last year. I got a medium sized one and I like the fitting but it's saddening that the waist is really big for me. I definitely have to fix that, problems of being a size 6.

3. ECO STYLER GEL WITH OLIVE OIL: This is my all time favorite and it's worth the hype. As a naturalista ( read about my hair HERE) finding a product that would work for me and keep my hair in place without flaking or leaving residue has been an issue but when Etty introduced me to this I'm really glad she did.

4. NUDE LIP GLOSS: At the beginning of this year the hamarttan was crazy and I was really digging the glossy nude lips as seen on beauty bloggers like Jayde Pierce and our very own Jackie Aina and this option was really affordable (it's less than #1,000). I really love how it smells and it has color but nothing too serious I would definitely restock this product.

5. ZARON LIP PENCIL: I got this in the shade "Brick Chick" after reading so many reviews and getting positive feedback on their products in general and I'm so in love with this. It's my staple go to liner right now the few times that I wear make up because the weather in Nigeria now is something else and I really hate heat and make up together. This pencil is very creamy and easy to apply as it glides on smoothly and is also very pigmented and long lasting. Shop more in this range HERE
6. ROSE GOLD WRIST WATCH: I fell in love with rose gold as soon as the Apple iPhone 6 came out last year and since then there has only been nothing but love for this shade especially when it comes to jewelry and I couldn't miss out on copping this one for me. This was oversized for my tiny wrist so I had to remove about 3 pieces from the chain. It's not very fitted now but it certainly is okay and it's very light too.

7. PRINT CAT EYED GLASSES: I'm a lover of glasses. People do think I'm a four eyed girl but I'm not I just love how they jazz things up with outfits and I tend to wear them a lot. I currently started building a collection I would probably be sharing at some point real soon. I never owned any print ones so I thought to get this printed one. It's currently unavailable but a similar one could be found  HERE
8. ROUND SUN GLASSES: This is an essential part of starter pack for the extreme heat were experiencing right now. Although I thought the frames would be smaller they're a bit larger than I expected but I love them even more that way. I got theses in brown but you could shop the black ones HERE

9. RESERVOIR MID HIGH SNEAKERS: I love how sneakers are so comfortable and yet so stylish I thought to start a collection of them and so I got this one in orange. Originally I wanted it in blue but the blue got sold out, problems of being a size 7 .
              (The cat eye glasses I talked about)

In total I really have enjoyed every product gotten from this haul so far and you should totally sign up for the JUMIA newsletter because they always have amazing deals and sales. All items here were gotten at the time of the Flash Sales and cost about #14,000 which I couldn't help but feel so satisfied with myself. The delivery was also prompt in 3-5 days although the sun glasses came later than others and the packaging for them could fit a dress. 
  They're currently delivering products for free in Lagos, Niger with code "JUMFRSHP" and have amazing deals. Shop JUMIA HERE

Had any experiences shopping with Jumia?? I would really love to know.
Have an amazing weekend.
With Love

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