Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hello there,
Happy Valentines Day, (that should've come up on the 14th ) I really want all my readers to know that I love each and everyone of you and I'm so thankful for your support and comments. Because of how amazing you've been the dream that I had for VEEFINITION years ago has become  a reality as the days go by and sometimes I'm just like *WOW*
 Well I've decided to name this series "TAKE TWO"  because over time I've learnt that the popular saying "two heads are better than one "is actually really true, when there are combined efforts in doing something the results are better, quicker etc. This is a series where I feature my take as I also feature a fellow creative or friend. It "takes two" to tango right?
                                               *COLOR POP*
Colour or Color whichever way you prefer spelling it, plays a huge role in our everyday lives. It's amazing how much expression and communication of emotion is made through colors.
 Color is an element of art that is produced when light striking an object is reflected back to the eye.

I love the colors in this pictures so much that it reminded me a lot of things, from the playfulness of being young and free to how happy bright colors make me feel. The scenery of these images I really loved because the indigenous feel of the location was amazing. We shot at the wood work shop/ bukka restaurant and standing there in these bright colors taking these pictures and getting looked at a  lot by everyone who passed was a whole new experience for me.

A lot has been going on this week for me and apart from the joy that comes from knowing that God loves me, colors have also made me appreciate how beautiful the world is.

My love for art grows everyday and recently it seems like I'm now a tourist on earth looking at everything with so much fascination. Let me remind you that this love of art is a budding feeling for me because I'm really terrible at drawing but I find expression in other forms.

Meet Tobe, my amazing friend who decided to be playful with me on this one. See other posts from  Tobe HERE. Connect with him HERE

I've decided to still stay positive, happy and excited no matter what's going on. Also I've also decided to love myself and have more fun and feel any emotions that come my way. So who's facing this week like this???

    Photography - @Prince Nuel
Check out this woks http://www.princenuel.net/

Valerie's Jumper-Thrifted
  "            Skirt-   Thrifted
        Sneakers-   ASOS, shop similar HERE or HERE
"      Necklace- ASOS, 

 Tobe's Trousers-JLO
".            Shirt- ASOS
"             Shoes-VANS
"            Visor-RALPH LAUREN

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  1. looks like you both had a lot of fun shooting this, well done.x


    1. Thank you Desola and yes we did have loads of fun

  2. I love this. the outfits and creative direction ;)

  3. Thank you Anjola and Immaculata😘