Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Hello there,
It's a new week and this weekend breezed by. I decided that in order to let my readers know more about me and connect with me, I decided to do this tag as seen on Cassie's blog HERE and Ifeoma's blog HERE.
These pictures where taken by my friend and I felt it captured me in my effortless state and I love them so much,feel free to tag your favorite bloggers to do this tag. Let's get to know each other in the blogosphere better.


1. I eat all fruits and vegetables.
 2. My taste in everything depends hugely on what I'm feeling especially music
3. Besides water, Hollandia strawberry yoghurt is still my all time favorite.

4. I really don't like dogs , reason why I own no pets after a great ordeal with my grandmas dog at 7. (P.S you know the drill *weeps at the thought of my ruined favorite skirt*)
5. I used to detest doing anything with my hands, but guess who's the first to jump at any DIY now?
6. I'm always open to learn new things even from the weirdest of places.
7. Most times I feel like I see the world differently and not so many people wouldn't  understand some of my personal views on some issues.
8. I used to think BLACK was demonic growing up *thank you African culture* although this has really changed as I really do love the color now but Navy Blue, Burgundy, Olive Green and Pastel Blue seem to be winning me over right now.

9. I'm so fluent in speaking Igbo, you'll be so surprised, in some situations I literally spit one or two lines from my native language when I'm really overwhelmed.
10. I do love languages a lot although I still haven't reached my goal of learning two more languages in the university. I find them very fascinating.
11. When it comes to accessories, ROSE GOLD over every shade right now, wanna make a woman happy? Add to her RoseGold stash.

12. I'm the first girl and child, most people think I have elder siblings they're mostly cousins or older friends.
13. When I walk alone, I find inspiration easily.
14.I eat apples and coffee together *covers face*
15. I'm a collector of male clothing, and used to have a collection of glasses which doesn't exist anymore for some reason but a new one is budding already.
16. I love talking, this you would only notice if I'm very comfortable around you.
17. I'm still trying to get my groove back with reading hard copy books etc. as I've been team e-books   for a really long time.

18. I prefer thrifting to departmental stores or boutiques when I'm going on impulse shopping because with thrifting,you get to pick what you really want amongst so many irrelevant things unlike in stores where you might just end up buying things because they're in right now.
19. I wear my 13 year old brothers clothes, yes I do if I really like it.
20. I have a really hard time picking favorites when it comes to making decisions, most times I'll probably tell you what I'm really in love with at the moment, as my taste changes like the weather.
21. I squeak when I'm getting really emotional whether excited or really angry.

22. I observe my environment all the time and notice a lot of things even the tiniest bits you might think I don't.
23. I'm still trying to get comfortable in body con clothes because I've lost weight over the years and I feel really slim and think I might look like a mop stick when I wear them( I'll be sharing pictures with you guys whenever I try them so you get to tell me what you think). 
24. I'm a 5'8 just in case you've been thinking I'm petite, my younger sister is taller than me, but a 5'8 is alright for a girl. #PersonalOpinion
25. I'm still on the journey of self discovery as I learn and I'm open to trying new things everyday.

 I started with 20 and now it's 25( I did say I love to express myself). I decided to take the pictures for this tag with me in my comfortable state, goofy with oversized clothes and no makeup.I'll be doing more tags as time goes by, feel free to tag me on any ones you'll like to see me do. Also tag your favorite bloggers to do this tag too. Feel free to keep up and know about me HERE and follow my snapchat (@valerieegbuniwe)
 Have an amazing week
With Love

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