Saturday, February 06, 2016

Hello there,
Sometime towards the end of last year, I noticed my love for male pieces grew more. I would walk into stores and whenever I wanted a tee or a shirt I would check the male section. I'm a copper of male clothes, my friends and family would attest to that. 
When the bomber jacket came on board I was so fascinated by it and I thought to do a research on its history which I would be sharing a little bit of information on it and leaving links to help you read up more and do your own research.

 Funny how I owned one myself years back in high school but never wore it because I just didn't understand it, I would be doing a post on mine soon and maybe you'll see the reasons why I became skeptical about it and as my style evolved, I began to love it.

So here's what you might not have known about this jacket,
* It's also known as a flight/bombardier jacket and was originally created for pilots.
* It was first worn in World War 1
* It was originally created solely for males but as it evolves now possesses pieces that can be worn by the female who doesn't fancy male clothing at all.
* It has indeed evolved over time and was first inspired by the United States Military MA-1 , (technically speaking ).
* It has a long standing history that stretches from the middle of the 20th century till today.

* It was best suited for chilly cramped cock pits while also giving pilots the mobility to fly the plane.
** The original bomber jacket featured a high wrap around corner to protect the pilots neck from the wind and were also lined with fur.
* Leslie Irvin designed the first jacket for the general public in 1918 prior to this companies who made them only made them for military use.

 I'm still fascinated as to how this piece that has become a huge fashion staple and a great way to switch up outfits and exudes some sort of powerful feeling to it started from the military and I thought to share.

To find out more you didn't know about this jacket, Click HERE
If you need help with shopping the perfect one, Click HERE
Shop a huge variety of bomber jackets  HERE

Bomber Jacket- ASOS ,Similar HERE or HERE

Thumbhole Shirt- RAD, HERE
Ripped Jeans/Joggers- ASOS, similar HERE or HERE
Shoes- Cole Hann HERE & Zara HERE

Cheers to the weekend.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Feel free to drop comments below
Have an amazing weekend ,
With Love
Valerie ❤️

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  1. Love your pants ! Why so far away ?

    1. Thank you dear. It was resolution problems, fixed that now. Have an amazing week.

  2. I really like this post, nice one.

    1. Thank you Seun, I'm glad you did. Have an amazing week.