Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blogging can be a tad bit stressful sometimes and today,I would be sharing something that isn't looked at a lot by  people. Most bloggers are known to make a living of their blogs, but most times some of these bloggers do other things.  I'll be sharing with you a few of them which I discovered. I must say this is really commendable because blogging alone isn't even easy enough.
Here they are:
1) DESOLA MAKO: Desola runs a blog,HERE while working an 8-5 job in civil engineering, and is also an architect. She also works as a costume designer and stylist while running "HEARTDICTIONS HQ" which consists of a chain of other businesses from retailing vintage pieces to accessories and now stationeries, visit HDHQ. Dee also plans and hosts networking events for creatives and bloggers. Keep up with Dee HERE

2) TUKE MORGAN: Tuke blogs HERE ,she works in advertising and is also a professional saxophonist with a band. Tuke is also a food photographer and creates free lance content , with some acting roles tied to her name.

3) Hadiza Lawal:  Hadiza runs a blog HERE. She also takes food orders. So reach out to Hadiza HERE. So contact Hadiza if you're looking for someone to cater for your food needs etc.

4) Ikoghene Iyamah: IK blogs HERE and is also a co-owner of 'No Structure', a retail store that sells wears and accessories. Keep in touch with IK HERE

5) Titi Bello: Titi blogs HERE and is also a designer for a women's wear line known as TITI_BELLO , she showcased at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2015. She also co owns an accessories line called Ewa Collections along side Yinka Agbi and Tutu Dada. Keep up with Titi HERE

6) Grace Alex:  Grace blogs HERE and also owns her own footwear line 'GA Sandals' and they're so beautiful and are handmade by her, view them HERE . Grace is also a teacher amongst these other things.

7) Dodos Uvieghara: Dodos blogs HERE and is also a make up artiste. See her work HERE

8) Tosin Alabi: Tosin blogs . HERE and also owns a lash company known as 'Eko Lashes' while also running a hair community known as'Naija Naturals', an online directory with hair tips, styles, salons,products etc. Tosin also owns a business development company that helps small businesses put their best foot forward.
Contact Tosin HERE
9) Bella Giwa-Amu: Bella blogs HERE , and owns an amazing catering service known as 'Brownie' her mouth watering pastries would leave you ordering for more. Contact Bella HERE 

Hope you explore their businesses and support Nigerian brands, feel free to leave links or comments to other bloggers who aren't on this list but also own businesses.
Have an amazing weekend 

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  1. Thank you for the feature, darling!! You're the sweetest!

  2. This is so amazing and thanks for the feature

  3. Lovely to see that people are following their dreams. Thank you for the kind feature.

    1. You're welcome Tosin and it's really important to follow out dreams

  4. Thank you so much for the feature dear. I am indeed honored

  5. Valerie thank you so much for this, i actually thought i commented already.

    1. You're welcome Dee, keep doing an amazing job.