Saturday, December 19, 2015

Hey guys,
I hope everyone had an amazing week.
Christmas is around the corner and I think I'm feeling this years own. It's not like anything extraordinary has happened but because a year I've been looking forward to ever since. The end of the year has also been real busy for some of us and we haven't had time to pick the perfect gift. I would be giving a list of ideas along with other bloggers whose  links would be at the end of this post. Also feel free to gift me one of these😊😊


This is a brand I recently fell in love with, the details and finishes of their pieces I'm totally in love with and I feel that every woman won't mind owning one of these. The best part is they would be having a shopping party on the 20th of December. What better way to have fun and get gifts  at the same time?
Instagram- @ShopMaju

All through the year I've been admiring how culture meets with cool in this brand. Why not gift someone one of these pieces? And make their Christmas really cool?
Instagram- @IAMISIGO

This brand has made beautiful skirts as the year went by. What I find exciting is that they've expanded their brand to footwears and pieces that have been tailored for kids. Therefore, in these festive season...the young ones aren't left out.

There's something about customizable jewelry. They give me this feeling( like this was made just for me). In this season of love why not share this with someone special,with that special quote or whatever it is you deem fit? 
Extra Bonus: If you're bothered about shipping, use this discount code to get free worldwide shipping 'ValerieEgbuniwe '
IG- @Mieroglyphs

Dapmod offers a very large collection of sunnies and glasses and everyone is so beautiful and there's a Dapmod for everyone.
IG- @Dapmod

Vane Nail Polish, has a bunch of beautiful colors. Make someone's 2016 nail game pop.
IG- @VaneNailPolish
Zion tribe has t-shirts with beautiful faith inspired quotes on them. They are really lovely and could help boost your faith.
IG- @ZionTribeApparel

CONAE showcased at the just concluded fashion week and I've been lusting that skirt and a whole bunch of other pieces from her collection. Feel free to clad yourself in them

Something for the guys....Infamous by Glenn Judo has shoes tailored perfectly for the fashionable man. Having different varieties there is an Infamous for every man
IG- @Infamous_glennjudo


This brand has a lot of beautiful skin care products. The good part is they've put up a collection of their products to create gift boxes, so it's easy for you to shop for him/her without undergoing too much stress.
IG- @RandRLuxury


The Mai Atafo brand offers well tailored suits to fit both males and females. Twinning in a Mai Atafo suit??? Couple goals??
IG -@MaiAtafo
That's it folks....
For the other part of the list, head over to

Have an amazing weekend, and I hope in 2016 I start having my weekends planned out. What would you like for Christmas??? Feel free to drop comments 

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  2. I absolutely love this list. I personally like Vane polish and Shop Maju for their intricating pieces.

    My fashion musings

    1. you speak my mind girl! they've got great pieces.

  3. What a lovely the collection. Wish someone will give me one of list above for the Christmas this year :X

    1. awww girl work hard enough so you could gift yourself whatever you need.