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Friday, November 06, 2015

Hello guys,
Still on the metrosexual trend, coming from fashion week..., today someone new would be taking us on it.
              •AYO'S TAKE
My name is Ayomide Oyekanmi and ‘Fashion’ is my first love.

Here, my clothing is inspired by the urban metrosexual style. I wanted to pull it off and here it is.  

How it started.

Two designers, Luke Shipley and Tom Hunt, were forced to wear ‘ill-fitting female leggings’ to a party. Afterwards, they established sTitch Leggings in 2012 to produce leggings for males(also called meggings).

Since its introduction till present, there’s been controversy in the fashion world on whether it should be accepted or not, but experts say what should matter is how comfortable men feel when they wear it. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rusell Brand inspire the look.

It’s important to be yourself and to always look your best, and for me, its a way of life. What I wear should mean something and shouldn't feel out of place. The meggings are comfortable for me- I can do practically anything I want to. That’s all that matters, thats all that should.

A little tip I’d give all the fashion enthusiasts is, fashion is very different from say, food. For food, whatever you like and can afford, you can eat it, but for fashion, when you like something- a pair of shoes, some sweater that’s not normal etc., you have to decide if it fits. Wear things that fit. Make sure the colours blend. Make sure you’re comfortable!!!! Its super important.


Meggings - Asos

Cape - Asos

Coat - Cignal

Sweater( with face cover) - Topman

Shoes - Fred Perry

Tote Bag - RAD 



Valerie Here
Hope this post has given everyone more insight on the metrosexual trend. Would you rock this?
Have a blessed week guys

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  1. Fits perfectly! I wear a medium in most things so that's what I ordered and it is perfect! The workout clothes look super small when you take them out of the package but they stretch to fit and you CAN'T see through them!