Thursday, November 05, 2015

Hello Guys,

Happy New Month.
It's taken me a lot of time to come up with this post and it's because instead of doing the regular recap on the show for each day which wouldn't be possible as I wasn't in attendance due to some issues. 

Although I made it for the last day, before the show I had lunch with the amazing Temi Otedola of http://jtofashion.com/
And Troy an amazing upcoming designer

Outfit Details
Dress- Mr Price
Shoes- Amelia Couture
Shirt- Dad's Closet
Necklace- Lagos Island
• After lunch I went to the location of the show and walking around,meeting a lot of people,from designers I did admire their work  to fellow creatives,taught me the following things.
•There is a lot of talent and creativity in Africa and a lot is taken from it but not so much is given back to it.

• All you need to put yourself out there is confidence, with a good dose of confidence, you could sell anything. Also it takes a lot of confidence to stand with your style and pull of whatever you want to pull off

• The success of any huge event is based on planning and organisation because honestly I didn't expect this show to be as organised as it was. 

• I honestly do have a lot of untapped creativity inside of me and I made a mental note and told myself 'Hello Inner Untapped Creative, from now on we are tapping more of our unused resources .
• As Africans we should start selling the idea of being time conscious instead of letting the old African time trend make us seem incapable in some way, that was infact the only con I did notice amongst  all the glamour and organizational feel of the event. I say next year if it's gonna start 8 pm let's say that and make sure it kicks off then.

• And lastly inspiration can be gotten from anything and anywhere- I had a little chat with Bubu Ogisi of IamIsigo as she shed light on how her collection was inspired by the different clans in Ghana, her collection depicted what she felt the IamIsigo clan would wear. She also mentioned how pieces from this collection were made with the famous 'Kente' in different styles including the famous 'Batakari'which is the Ghanian Smock ,combined with different pieces from velvets to jersey and also sheer materials. 

I personally bought the whole idea of the laid back with a statement because honestly that is what I feel about her pieces, I believe they speak for themselves.
What I wore for the finale
Outfit Details
Shirt- DIY
Skirt- JUMIA 
Shoes- Top Moda
Wristwatch- Guess
Bag pack- Atmosphere 
Neckpiece- Lagos Island 
 I didn't get to take enough pictures during the event, I loved these ones and just wanted to have them up on my blog.
What did LFDW teach you?? I would love to know
Image source- Instagram 

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