Friday, October 30, 2015

Hey everyone,
It's still FRIYAY!!! But this post is long overdue and I'm excited. Maybe it's because I'm excited about fashion week although I've missed 2 days now, thanks to my school😌.
Anyway I think my serving face game has uped😊
Can you tell how I feel so free and comfortable in this outfit?
I'm so love in the whole unicorn and beign unique vibe💜
I got a voucher from Jumia some months ago and I got so confused on what to get. Seeing this sheer crop top and loving the sheer trend, I knew I had to cop this one.
I've been a huge fan of skinny dip,admiring their products from a distance and when I got the opportunity to win this one from the 'Desiree Iyama' giveaway, check out her blog http://www.desireeswardrobe.net/?m=1
I went for it😊.
Straight leg pants just do it for me, comfort and class all at once. A girl has gotta love such.
And because I always wish you well.... 
Have a blissful weekend 
Outfit Details
Crop Top- JUMIA
Pants- Woolworth 
Shoes- Jumia
Bag- Skinny Dip

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