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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Hey people 

Hope we've all been making it through this week. I thought I could do a little something for the guys, so once in a while I would be featuring a guest (male fashion enthusias or just someone that would discuss a few trends and tips for guys to look stylish . Our guest for today is Ik
You can visit his blog here-
          •  Urban Blend

Anyone else noticed the sudden increase in prices of brogues, Its currently hard to find a really cheap one. Also I really don't understand our home made shoe makers,why are their shoes so expensive? I mean, there should be variety of prices so that it can be available to all classes of people depending on their pocket value. But you'd hear prices from 10,000 naira upwards. We need someone who is here to make fashion available to every class of Nigerians not someone that wants to be a billionaire overnight. Just saying. Well, that's by the way. And I've been seeing a lot of females wearing brogues of lately.I'm sure that's what contributed to the hiked prices, I mean , I know its a unisex shoe but why the sudden interest in brogues ladies *eyesrolling*. He-he, . Females brogues are actually really cute so keep the trend going ladies.

Well, in this post I decided to go for a corporate urban blend. Sneakers are so cool, these past few months, they've been one of my top favorite items so I decided to rock them with this corporate outfit. 

As for Jeans, Its inbetween, It could pass for corporate and it could pass for Urban. 

This outfit is also kind of selective . You could wear it to a semi formal event  and a causual one But not to a formal event. 

For example, You could wear it to a fashion event, a music event ( not a concert where you'll have to stand ), You could wear it to church, a brunch/lunch e.t,c. You can't wear this to work , well, it depends on your kind of work. 

Bankers, Doctors, Lawyers can't wear this too work. Engineers, architects, surveyors could wear this. So, you see it just depends on the dress code and formality of the occasion 

So, I decided to wear a light colored suit jacket to blend with the dark-colored Jean and also wore a waist coat to give the outfit more style and appeal


Jeans - Armani Jeans

Wristwatch - bulgari daniel roth cal 1306

Waistcoat - Remus uomo waist coat

•(Valerie Here)•
Hope the guys are happy with this section for them *wink* sometimes lets favour the guys too. Have an amazing week guys. I'll like to hear from you guys to know what you feel about this section.

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