Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I hope the week has been good to all of us. I thought of a little forum for you guys. I've been coming up with a whole bunch of them. This is just me putting up words that caught my attention or helped me during each week.
 So for this Wednesday here they are
If you follow me on Instagram, this went up earlier this morning and truth be told no matter how difficult things may seem God is amazing and that's one thing we all need to know and never forget. It might take going through stuff to realize this but never forget.
This on the other hand I picked up from a movie. I don't know why I believe strongly in this two things. Courage and Kindness, a kind heart goes farther than you could imagine and what great deeds would we do if only we had the courage to do them.
 I do hope this helps someone out there
 Have An Amazing Week
    Valerie XO

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