Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hey Guys,

     How's the weekend going? I hope you guys are having  a thrill weekend like I am. This post should have gone up earlier to help you with your Saturday Online shopping but school work happened. Anyways we could still make little time for online shopping on our Sunday's as we rest and reflect or if you're the multi-tasking type you can always shop during the week days. 
On the Jumia site I found these amazing must have pieces that I just needed to share to my blog fam. These list of items would spice up your every day look.  Meanwhile birthday is next month so I would probably gift one to myself and i'm super excited about my birthday, you can all just anticipate a blog post for my birthday. 

Item 1: Cat eye Sunglasses 
These cat eye sun glasses are so chic and worth every penny. It's still summer although i have already resumed school, the weather is still pretty hot & humid so sun glasses are definitely a must have! To order this click this:  Cat Eye Sunglasses

Item 2: 
I love dancing and most time some heels don't even permit that, that's why I love mules they are so comfortable & I can dance in them. I mean who doesn't want beautiful heels that are comfortable. I also found different colors of mules on To order this click this: WhitexGrey Mule or Light Blue Mule

Item 3: Turquoise skirt 
All of a sudden I'm obsessed with the color green. This turquoise skirt is really pretty and can be worn as a corporate wear. It can be easily styled with any top, just make sure that you choose your colors wisely. !  To order this click this: Turquoise Skirt
Item 4: Bucket Bag
This bag is a must have & if you're ever considering what to buy me for my birthday click the link to make your purchase: River Island Bucket bag... lol but really this bag is beautiful and i love the color mixture. At least every lady should have a bag like this in their closet.

Item 5: Nude pumps 
This shoes can be worn to work, church, parties. It can be styled with any patterned material or even Jeans, that's how flexible this Item is. This item is a must have for my ladies who Love wearing heels and colorful cloths. This nude pumps would help neutralize the colors. To order this click this: Nude pumps

 Enjoy online shopping from our very own Nigerian online store. You can check out their store and comment what your faves are, I would love to hear from you.

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