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Sunday, July 12, 2015

This Summer the I.N.S.P.I.R.E (Innovation of a New Solution to finding Peoples InneR Excellence ) Foundation is breaking the ice with a brilliant new program under the L.I.S.T.E.N (Let's Inspire Some Teenagers Everywhere Now)   project which is set to discover and showcase the creativity and innovation of the African youth. This remarkable project is called the Discover, Solve; Share Project and will begin from the 15th-16th of July 2015. The essence of this project like every INSPIRE project is to project the capabilities of the youth and ensure that everyone has a good time . Here is how you can participate.

Step1: Discover/Identify a need/problem in your home, school or society.
Step 2: Analyse and Solve the problem in the most creative and unique way possible and have fun while at it. Make a short video and pictures of your adventure.
Step 3: Share it with the world in various creative ways and post it on social media by putting the hashtag #INSPIRE #DiscoverSolveShare2015 and mentioning @Inspire_T on twitter.

It's so easy to participate and the best part is that the person with the most creative, heartwarming and innovative entry stands a chance to win a free lunch date with a person of their choice at a luxury restaurant close to them !! You can't afford to miss this! Every participant is a winner so your masterpiece will be showcased on various blogs and social media accounts.
       Be a part of this, help your society, unlock your potentials and Inspire someone today #DiscoverSolveShare2015 #INSPIRE.
The problem you discover doesn't have to be an economic problem it could be poor cooking skills, makeup skills, bad social behavior, etc and solving it could be done by creating tutorials, useful tips, poems, letters, etc. Be very creative and Inspire others.
 Let's Change The World as African Youths. #DiscoverSolveShare

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