Summer Faves #1: HATS

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hey guys

It's the weekend already and I hope we all had an amazing week...mine was busy but well it's over now. A little break till Monday I suppose.
  Summer is finally here! Forget the rains it's here and there are a lot of times we want to dress up with less clothes and accessories and still look chic. One fashion accessory that would do this trick  really well is a "Good Ol' Hat"

  Choosing the right hat for the right outfit can be a bit tricky but it's never that hard.  Hats come in various forms it all depends on your style and well what you'd rather project
The Floppy Hat: This has a beachy feel but could still be worn with casuals or anything basically... Like I said it's all about style...could be basic or wide felt
           Priscilla Ephraim 
           IG- @MissPrissybaby
             Desireé Iyama of

                  IG- @Nanyemill
                 Vanessa Iloenyosi
                    IG- @thenessa
                     Uzy Nwachukwu 
                     IG- @uzypaws
The Fedora Hat: This one comes in various forms, it could be the classic Fedora or just the normal one. I seem to be in love with the classic does a good job in transforming you from basic to sophisticated

         With Niyi and Sola Fagbemi of
               Hat on- Ayo Oyekanmi 
               IG- Oyekanmiayo
The Wide Brim Hat : 
                 Kunmi Oni
                 IG- kunmi.o

•Baseball Caps : This can also be referred to as face caps they give off that androgyny vibe
      Sola Fagbemi of Hats : 

In this particular picture I'm spotting a bowler hat while my friend Uche is sporting a Fez hat....which brings us to the next one
The Fez Hat: Tbh....this is basically our tribal Igbo chief cap but well who says you can't style your clothes with a twist from the village?
Bucket Hats: This looks like a fisher mans hat....but well it adds a twist to your outfit...yes it does
•Trilby Hats
•Ascot Cap
•Panama Hat
•Turban : this is weird but the turban is a head wear and can be referred to as a sort of hat. 
Here are amazing HAT come outs I love
               Ronke Raji
               IG- Ronkeraji
                      IG- thecocopolitan
                   Michael Umoudit
                   IG- @MaikelYou
                      Uzy Nwachukwu 
                      IG - @Uzypaws
            Bubu Ogisi of IAMISIGO
            IG- bubuogisi 
 The season we are in right now entails the blazing sun...don't know when it's coming but it sure would. This piece doesn't just make you look chic but also protects you from harsh weather conditions. We all love a Double Double yeah?
 I'ld like to know what are your go to hats
Do have an amazing week💙

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