HELLO MAY: Lessons Learnt So Far (2)

Monday, May 04, 2015

Hey Guys

Happy New Month ( it's not first of May but I haven't wished you guys that)
I love my readers so much😊

Exams aren't over yet, I've got 2 more papers to go and vacation starts Saturday and I'm so happy about that. 2015 is moving on so fast and so far I have learnt 

1.Nothing is Forever Except God
  Yes, I've come to learn that situations don't last forever, neither do friendships nor a whole bunch of things we obsess over as humans but God is forever, He would never fade away. 
2. Praying Without Taking Actions 
    You can pray for something but without taking certain actions or measures expected of you, nothing might happen. 

3. There's Always Peace Lurking Somewhere with God
     No matter the drama going on or what you might be facing, in God there is always peace.
4. Life Is Much More Than What We Imagine It To Be
       There's more to life than what most people think or imagine.
5. You Can't Direct Your Life's Script 
 Life isn't directed by you, you can't really make life work by planning it. Most times life turns out to be something better or worse than you've imagined

   What have you learnt so far?
Leave comments below I'd like to know
Have an amazing week💕💕

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