Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hey guys

Seems this week is going by real quick, after a lot of procrastination. I finally get to do this. This post popped up when a friend showed me a picture and I was like "Oh! What awesome make-up" and she said that's not make-up, that's a skin condition known as "vitiligo". I googled it and found out a couple of things about it see what I found here
I'm talking of model "Winnieharlow " 

Who has found a way to stay slaying and beautiful even with a skin with double colors. Something that would have been someone's weak point or reason to stay down, is one of the reasons why someone else is making it big(cruel world huh?)
 "When Your Imperfections Are Loved By You, people begin to see the beauty in them"

  When you love your imperfections you are not scared of them being discovered, you know you've got them.
 No matter what imperfections we may have, loving you the way you are is one sure way to stay slaying.
Have an awesome week✨
Her Instagram - winnieharlow 
My Instagram - valerieegbuniwe ( check out my huge forehead 🙈)
Do check it out😊
A sneak peak because I love you guys

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  1. No doubt she's pretty. We are all beautiful not minding our colour